Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New year and free hugs!!

So its 2009 and so far so good. I hope I haven't spoken too soon! Having brooded a lot on what this year's new year resolution ought to be, I've narrowed it down to two :

1. will listen to more carnatic music (having heard being talked about as musically handicapped decided to turn that around....i love the genre of music nevertheless);

2.I want to spread the love....for that I will give out more hugs( so I'm sporting a FREE HUGS badge, drawing inspiration from Juann Mann).

Everything has been going smoothly with some of my friends joining me in my free hugs campaign. A lot of curious stares, whispered comments, pointed fingers and a hell lot more hugs later....I'm feeling great!!

So today one of my seniors who majors in journalism wants to do her portfolio on me. OK! That was kinda weird but in a nice way. She seemed genuinely interested, that made me all the more happy. I'll be sporting the badge for some more time and hope that more people will pick that up.
"You get what you give" and it feels great to be hugged......makes me feel happier.
The only problem being that my lesbian stalker looking really really weird!! So I've been trying to make myself look inconspicuous (NOT HAPPENING!!) I don't have anything against gay people, but this one freaks me out!!

And now I've been bombarding myself with carnatic music and am LOVING IT!!

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