Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Death rattle of an era!!!

Twelve years in paradise..............thats what its been. Its seems much longer when written down. To me my school life was a bliss. Don't mistake me for an honours student..HELL NO!! But i am an honoured student. Honoured to have been taught by the wonderful teachers of BVM Girinagar. Honoured to have rubbed shoulders with the leaders of tommorow, my wonderful friends. It seems like yesterday when i was a six year old hurricane pelting through the corridors cannoning into people. It brings tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat when i tink of that beautiful school. So many onam and childrens day celebrations....... a treasure chest full of memories to look back on. My teachers and friends stuck me through the ups and downs of school life. A shoulder to cry on, a side to nudge and then burst into giggles, a ear to pass comments on cute guys and bitch about Friends Saviours. After Magnum Opus (the much sought after school fest) i realised how little time I had left in my school so many things to say so many people to many misunderstandings to clear!!! Thanks to my school Ilearned to love my self and my life. I'll never be so free anywhere else. My first friends, my first memories, my first CRUSH(oops)....its all been here.

The canteen..."Survival of the fittest" this phrase was coined especially for BVMG canteen. Us cupping our noses so as to prevent temptation during class to take whiff at the enchanting smell wafting from there (LOLS). Bunking classes. "Chillin out" with the guys....truly memorable.
Pigging out at CCD every chance we got and letting the boys pay for it.

I didnt get my chance to say my thanks and my apologies to everyone that I love and have hurt. So through this blog I pay TRIBUTE to a school beyond compare. To BVMG..............Live forever!!!!!