Sunday, November 30, 2008

60 hours of trauma!!

It has only been a couple of hours since the firing has stopped.... the death toll continues to climb.... the heart rending cries of those who have lost their loved ones have still not died down. The topic has been discussed so much that it has been cliched already. The terrorist attack that shook the world!! I could not down the facts that came popping up on the TV screen. The plan had been elaborately sketched out, with cartloads of ammunition already stocked up in the rooms..... 183 dead and god knows how many injured.....and what point have they proved.....what goal achieved?? The NSG, the MARCOS, the Mumbai police all joined hands to flush out terrorists and for once all political parties stood united and did not find faults with the existing congress government, which is quite surprising since they usually take the first chance they get to take a bite at the existing government!! The other unaffected hotels made room for the displaced guests, the city is yet to settle down and the citizens are still haunted and traumatized. But we will stand together, we will put a brave front and we will never let them get the better of us, it does not matter which terrorist outfit planned and executed this act of heinous crime, what matters is that they dared to set foot on our soil and tortured and murdered so many innocent lives. Mumbai has a soul of its own and it will get back on its feet soon!! We will not let mumbai bleed....... we will do our best to voice our resentment..... Jai Hind!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The other city

Now that I have been in Bangalore for more than six months I can safely conclude that this must be the most over rated city in the country. Yes, it does have a large number of reasonably well dressed women but when it comes to men, this must be the most saddest place ever with almost 90% of them being the filthiest pieces of vermin I've ever seen......but one cannot argue the fact that most men all over are quite the same. The city is a lot less prettier than it was when i saw it some eight years back. Even then Cubbon park must be the prettiest park I've ever seen. Especially with the Pink Tabebuia blossoming all over the place. It is simply breath taking..... the air is so pure that you could almost "drink" it. And yes, commercial street and brigade road must be every girls' dream shopping destination. For this I cornered Apurva - who claimed to have profound knowledge when it came to shopping at the above mentioned places, this turned out to be true she really did know each and every inch of the place and would disappear into small alleys to come out with some of the most stunning buys I've seen. And the best part is you can bargain with the price (though I am a complete loser when it comes to this) and with Apurva as my faithful charioteer I came out having an awesome time after all. But, (yes there is always a but) Bangalore is infested with a large number of stray dogs...... I love dogs, I really do but having been chased for several kilometres every week without fail I have come to fear them as well. Like every other Bangalorean having an unexplainable hatred towards a Mallu, the dogs seem to have caught on too. The next thing I do not in anyway like are the BMTC buses, even though there are a large number of them operating within the city, it is ALWAYS crowded...... so I am left with no option but to take an autorickshaw. This is not the better option but the only option. The drivers being the MOST lecherous men in the planet!!! And yes the jarring kannada music which gets stuck in my head for hours together and even making me hum during college lectures and smile blandly at my professors for no particular reason whatsoever. The next best thing about Bangalore is the fact that there is always a place to hangout after college hours..... and yes it undeniably is a lot more safer than mostIndian cities. But transport for me is still a problem with the auto drivers charging fares that could buy a piece of the moon!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The bullies of Bangalore!!

You read that right. I'm talking about Mount Carmel College, like I've said before this must be the bitchiest college in the planet. The nuns of this college somehow have taken an instant dislike towards me.................I don't understand why- I'm very likable (at least in front of them) they seem to see right through the facade. I seem to be getting into a lot of trouble- half of which I do not hold any responsibility for!!! They seem to be watching my moves very carefully and passing unwarranted snide remarks......makes one wonder out loud whether to speed up their path to reach god!! And here I was thinking happily that I'll be able to dodge them...................darn it!!!

I've landed myself several nicknames one of them being "malluma". My place of birth is not my fault (ascribed status dammit!!!). MCC is especially famous for keeping their students very very busy but somehow most of them manage to keep a very happy social life. And the biggest crime around is to ask someones opinion on a bestseller book. Reading for fun is a crime here "read only when desperate " that's the motto. OK I know I sound like a complete nerd but MCC makes anyone with even the slightest habit of reading look like a nerd. The worst days of the year are the days preceding the university examination.................... unexpected accusations regarding attendance and death threats from the teachers due to the lack of it. Most of the students wouldn't give two hoots about it had the teachers not said anything regarding the hall tickets, now that's a touchy subject....................they made me run crying all over the campus regarding attendance shortages which I never had in the first place (@#$%#$).
There is always something big going on in the campus they even have rock bands screeching their lungs out under the tamarind tree. The whole place would be decorated with streamers and you could see the student Union members running all over the place looking harassed and thoroughly disgruntled.
And many a times there are dress codes many of them beyond belief. Ah yes that's the best part of being in an all girl college you can turn up looking like a downright slob and nobody would bother if on "dress like a super hero day" you turn up wearing your underpants on the outside.
Then there are the awesome trips announcements that turn up on the notice board that I haven't as yet checked out since none of my classmates haven't volunteered to go for it. And mom would probably go in to an extreme state of paranoia if I asked her for permission (for heavens sake I'm in an all girl college) .

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Death rattle of an era!!!

Twelve years in paradise..............thats what its been. Its seems much longer when written down. To me my school life was a bliss. Don't mistake me for an honours student..HELL NO!! But i am an honoured student. Honoured to have been taught by the wonderful teachers of BVM Girinagar. Honoured to have rubbed shoulders with the leaders of tommorow, my wonderful friends. It seems like yesterday when i was a six year old hurricane pelting through the corridors cannoning into people. It brings tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat when i tink of that beautiful school. So many onam and childrens day celebrations....... a treasure chest full of memories to look back on. My teachers and friends stuck me through the ups and downs of school life. A shoulder to cry on, a side to nudge and then burst into giggles, a ear to pass comments on cute guys and bitch about Friends Saviours. After Magnum Opus (the much sought after school fest) i realised how little time I had left in my school so many things to say so many people to many misunderstandings to clear!!! Thanks to my school Ilearned to love my self and my life. I'll never be so free anywhere else. My first friends, my first memories, my first CRUSH(oops)....its all been here.

The canteen..."Survival of the fittest" this phrase was coined especially for BVMG canteen. Us cupping our noses so as to prevent temptation during class to take whiff at the enchanting smell wafting from there (LOLS). Bunking classes. "Chillin out" with the guys....truly memorable.
Pigging out at CCD every chance we got and letting the boys pay for it.

I didnt get my chance to say my thanks and my apologies to everyone that I love and have hurt. So through this blog I pay TRIBUTE to a school beyond compare. To BVMG..............Live forever!!!!!