Sunday, November 30, 2008

60 hours of trauma!!

It has only been a couple of hours since the firing has stopped.... the death toll continues to climb.... the heart rending cries of those who have lost their loved ones have still not died down. The topic has been discussed so much that it has been cliched already. The terrorist attack that shook the world!! I could not down the facts that came popping up on the TV screen. The plan had been elaborately sketched out, with cartloads of ammunition already stocked up in the rooms..... 183 dead and god knows how many injured.....and what point have they proved.....what goal achieved?? The NSG, the MARCOS, the Mumbai police all joined hands to flush out terrorists and for once all political parties stood united and did not find faults with the existing congress government, which is quite surprising since they usually take the first chance they get to take a bite at the existing government!! The other unaffected hotels made room for the displaced guests, the city is yet to settle down and the citizens are still haunted and traumatized. But we will stand together, we will put a brave front and we will never let them get the better of us, it does not matter which terrorist outfit planned and executed this act of heinous crime, what matters is that they dared to set foot on our soil and tortured and murdered so many innocent lives. Mumbai has a soul of its own and it will get back on its feet soon!! We will not let mumbai bleed....... we will do our best to voice our resentment..... Jai Hind!!!

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