Monday, January 4, 2010

Jingle all the way

Christmas this year came early for me. Two weeks before Christmas I was moping around the house acting like a regular Scrooge. Even when my Christmas loving and very well meaning cousin swore to breaks my legs, if I uttered one more word against Christmas, so I continued to put my life on the line by griping about Christmas.I would have made Scrooge seem like a loving joyful Grandpa had he been for real. Everything was going Topsy-turvy, I discovered that I didn't have half the notes for my pre Christmas exams, I didn't get tickets to go home for holidays, teachers mistook my wide eyed innocence for phased out staring, Autowallas drove me up the wall rather than driving me to the right destination, in short, life made hell look lucrative.

Angels come in many forms ( pretty, mild or downright scary looking) mine came in the form of, my bro who got me a brand new camera for Christmas (never mind the fact that I'm a techno retard) Anil who pulled strings to get me a ticket back home, Shruti my ever optimistic little elf, Nima my tweety bird and a whole lot of other people who saved me from jumping over a cliff.

Christmas Eve was better than Christmas itself. My cousins and friends came together to light up my Christmas with a Christmas tree and fine food. We made merry, we made the house a huge mess, and I wowed everyone with my hitherto unsuspected culinary skills. Christmas morning dawned late and groggy. I smiled, I sang off key Christmas carols at the top of my voice, ate cake and packed my belongings to head home. A Christmas eve well spent is a Christmas day well celebrated (and a lot less grouchier Nina).