Friday, July 24, 2009

Swords, dragons and dietcoke.

Too much chocolate can make anyone look like a turkey on the dinner table on Thanks giving. I closely resemble one of those now. I've given up on me... like my "wise" cousin says - a moment on the lips is forever on the hips! So prophetic. Everyday in every way I'm looking more and more like a fat turkey. Moving on to more happier topics, July was a month of mixed events...the month isn't over yet so The Panic Princess (yours truly) is not ready to make any comments on it.. except, so far so DAMN good.
Somehow everyone in my class gets a rude shock when I tell them I'm single...then they try to set me up with their friends. Geez leave me alone!! Its more fun making theories on the "Utopian man", Anuja and I came up with that one, its hilarious. As much as I'd love to put it on my blog, I must take into consideration the values and morals of the reader, hence I shall refrain from doing any such thing.
Things to do before the month is up:
  • Find time and space to freak out (vent pent up energy).
  • Write a bucket list.
  • Flush it down the toilet.
  • Call Nimma more often and yell at someone else for a change.
  • Take lessons on covering up my tracks.
  • Find some more time for my frequent escapades into the parallel universe.
It was a month of birthdays, internals (I pause to swear under my breath at this point) and whole lot of eating outs....I'm usually broke by the fifteenth of the month. Apoorva's 20Th was so much fun, it was simple and so damn sweet! Under the pretext of buying shoes for Nazia's sis, we took her shopping and brought her the prettiest kelly green tube top. Had it not been a gift I would have stolen it and runaway. So, she takes us to Mainland China for a buffet, we were in cahoots with the hostess there, Apoorva didn't know that. From the million appetisers to the desserts it was brilliant! I can't decide which part I liked best, when they taught us how to use chopsticks or Apoorva's surprised cum embarrassed expression when the waiters came with sparklers, guitars and chocolate cake (on the house) and sang for her.
All of us kept up our usual coaster signing ritual. I even plucked up the courage to compliment the chef...I'm so proud of me! We went bowling after that and I emerged as the least pathetic one, but at one point I had a sneaking suspicion that my hand might come right off its sockets with the bowling hand is going to throb like crazy for the next one week. I better get my act together and start running before I start resembling Queen Latifa!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The next chapter!!

All is well that ends well. Sadly that couldn't be said about my mind numbingly boring summer vacation. The last leg of it was fun though with all the makings of a soap....laughter, tears, shopping (it doesn't fit in, I know) and a lot more drama than usual. I lost my mobile and after a lot of unfounded accusations it was restored to me by a good Samaritan who found it in an ATM. Apparently my mobile travelled all over the city before actually being returned to me. Thank you Sangeeth, you restored my belief in miracles. I thanked him a million times in my head and in person!!! I wanted to get back to college ASAP. Never knew I'd actually say that sentence.
I couldn't wait to get back to MCC and rag the unsuspecting juniors. Little did I know that one of my juniors would be Sandhya......she turned the tables on me...and now instead of being the scary, growling senior I turned out to be a senior who was actually bullied by juniors. Yes, I am a shame to the cult of Seniorhood. But now I'm the proud owner of the world's prettiest stilettos.....not taking into fact the self coined phrase "sticks and stones may break your bones but stilettos kill you". sigh. I don't care if I fall from it and break my neck. I'll still love it! Its great to be back though.....the usual pee-in-the pants kinda laughs, helping friends sob over Ex-boyfriends, displaying new wardrobe, exchanging notes on new hangouts etc.

I've already been twice around the city doing nothing in particular except "hangout". That's the fun part,a simple word can contain a whole bunch of actions. LOL. Even bought 61 red roses for nuja's dad on his b'day, it was the prettiest bouquet ever. I fell in love with it and had a hard time parting with it.....anyway happy b'day uncle!! I have a full calendar already with credit courses lined up (don't ask if you value your life, because I'm done explaining what it is). I miss the old union looks like they were better than the new one. I am pathetic at concluding, I really am. Here's hoping for a brilliant year....better than before!!!