Saturday, November 22, 2008

The other city

Now that I have been in Bangalore for more than six months I can safely conclude that this must be the most over rated city in the country. Yes, it does have a large number of reasonably well dressed women but when it comes to men, this must be the most saddest place ever with almost 90% of them being the filthiest pieces of vermin I've ever seen......but one cannot argue the fact that most men all over are quite the same. The city is a lot less prettier than it was when i saw it some eight years back. Even then Cubbon park must be the prettiest park I've ever seen. Especially with the Pink Tabebuia blossoming all over the place. It is simply breath taking..... the air is so pure that you could almost "drink" it. And yes, commercial street and brigade road must be every girls' dream shopping destination. For this I cornered Apurva - who claimed to have profound knowledge when it came to shopping at the above mentioned places, this turned out to be true she really did know each and every inch of the place and would disappear into small alleys to come out with some of the most stunning buys I've seen. And the best part is you can bargain with the price (though I am a complete loser when it comes to this) and with Apurva as my faithful charioteer I came out having an awesome time after all. But, (yes there is always a but) Bangalore is infested with a large number of stray dogs...... I love dogs, I really do but having been chased for several kilometres every week without fail I have come to fear them as well. Like every other Bangalorean having an unexplainable hatred towards a Mallu, the dogs seem to have caught on too. The next thing I do not in anyway like are the BMTC buses, even though there are a large number of them operating within the city, it is ALWAYS crowded...... so I am left with no option but to take an autorickshaw. This is not the better option but the only option. The drivers being the MOST lecherous men in the planet!!! And yes the jarring kannada music which gets stuck in my head for hours together and even making me hum during college lectures and smile blandly at my professors for no particular reason whatsoever. The next best thing about Bangalore is the fact that there is always a place to hangout after college hours..... and yes it undeniably is a lot more safer than mostIndian cities. But transport for me is still a problem with the auto drivers charging fares that could buy a piece of the moon!!

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