Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Its that time of the year!!

Its that time of the year when you see carmelites running wild looking bedraggled, its time for cul-ah.... the three day college fest. It begins tomorrow and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I bet the place will be run over by tall & hairy testosterone reeking metal heads, screaming their lungs out!! They've set up three venues leaving not even an inch of space for innocent and indifferent passersby. But there are plus points we can give proxy attendance by bribing the class-rep, shoving down our throats all kinds of eatables....and shopping for clothes and shoes within the campus!!
Of course the teachers will be on the look out see if they can catch the girls with their boyfriends in campus, (all the best!!) and also to get the best buys. I'm just praying real hard I've been set a project for my credit course and it requires me to write a report on the fest (all three days!!), that annoucement knocked the wind off me, i had planned in detail my schedule for the three days (it basically includes watching TV and eating popcorn), having no desire in being asked out by perverts and hit on by horny lesbians. Ok I guess I'll just have to accept the fact that I've been given no other choice and might as well try and have fun!

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