Saturday, May 30, 2009

Confessions of cousin IT!!!.

For the past month and a half I've been sitting at home with little more than staring at the wall and drooling to do. I was getting more depressed by the day. You see I'm not used to such inactivity. I drove mum up the wall. Told her I was already on the edge and inactivity would push me right off it! I took to reading a women's magazine. And to kill time, they (the very active magazine people) had suggested a new haircut for the summer. I warmed up to the idea pretty quickly, considering the fact that I and everybody else around me had gotten tired of my so called "grunge" look! So I went to the salon with a broad smile on my face...........I had taken time out from my I-wish-I-were-busy schedule to do some frantic research on my new look, I liked what I saw in the above mentioned magazine.

So I walk into the salon and explain to the stylist in detail what exactly I wanted. She nodded and said something about layers (she had a weird accent probably north eastern considering the fact that shes from Mizoram!) I nod approvingly. I wanted French pedicures too. Pedicures first. It looked great and lasted for about three days!! Damn those pretentious French!!

Back to the point which pains me the most now - my haircut. It took the stylist nearly an hour of cutting and shearing to get the desired style. I was mortified at the result!! I could have gotten that look if i gave my 3 year old niece a pair of garden shears. The stylist hurriedly told me that it would look much better if it were washed and dried!! There was no need to cry!! Easy for her to say!! Her non-butchered hair looks just FINE!!! And she doesn't have friends who guffaw cruelly at bad hair cuts!! Only mine didn't look like any hair style I had in mind........... it looked like ROADKILL!!

To put it mildly I look like a shampooed and blow dried Cousin It from the Adam's family!! Damn that filthy rag they call a magazine!! Hair extensions anyone???


NesQuarX said...

Shall we name you Thursday Adams?

Nina Prasad said...

ooh! FUNNY!!
i prefer lurch!! i connect better with him!!

NesQuarX said...

Oohoohooohhh... Title change... (to be mentally read in Lurch's voice)

kochukutty said...

wow...again a great job!!!!!..
wot on earth r u doing in B A economics class???????....u shud have taken literature!!!

Kingly Thoughts... said...

Hahaha..! Good one.! Hope your hair is back and growing :P

Nina Prasad said...

@ nesquarx: Lurch is my alter ego.

@ Kochukutty: Aru babes you knocked me flat with that!!

@ Sandeep : It did. I've convinced myself that I'm blind, my friends said I look ten years if thats possible