Friday, April 3, 2009

Cribbing Mallu, falling coconuts!!!

Its been almost a year since I have been officially displaced from my home, kerala. I find the term "mallus" and "malluland" quite offensive because we've given ourselves proper respectable names! Considering the fact that of all the people I've come across, without any bias, mallus are definitely the funniest people, that's besides the fact that they can laugh at themselves (this does not include me). Every time I go to Kerala or someone I know from kerala comes to meet me the first thing that my non-keralite friends ask me is "How many coconuts did you get, dude??". OK!! I can think of a million other places where you get coconuts and a jillion other things that you can get from Kerala!! Yes "Kerala" does mean land of coconuts, but please if I hear the coconuts question one more time, I'll beat/bite that person repeatedly without any mercy!!

I would like to take time to clear all the misconceptions surrounding mallus and their highly complex relationship with coconuts!!
1) We do use coconut oil for cooking but NOT ALL THE TIME!!!
2) Not all mallus are "CRAZY" about tender coconuts and products from coconuts.
3) Mamooty is not my uncle (its not a coconut related misconception, but a misconception nevertheless).
4) Yes, there are a lot of kerala dishes made out of coconuts but not ALL of them.
5) All mallu freak accidents aren't because "a coconut fell on his head".


Word Psmith said...

Ha Ha !!

the 27th Sin said...

People are just stereotypes.

Rohan Anand said...

You were angry but you said it quite easily. Yes I do believe there exists such kind of distinctions but I think the more you protest the more they won't stop. You can try it because no one will accept they mean it as an offence. All they'd say is Chill!!!
So I don't think there is much of an alternative but do make them read this post :-)

Arr0w said...

I am a Mallu.
I dislike coconuts.
Hell, I don't even like saying the word.

Though sterotypes on Mallus nowadays have less to do with falling coconuts and more to do with going to 'Gelf'

Ajish said...

Me too a mallu, but i must say, I dont actually hate the mallu word, infact I use it myself.Since I live in a place where we have more andhrawala, I am not subjected to coconut taunts :))

NesQuarX said...

Coconuts make awesome sweets! Yay for them...

P.S. you guys should start calling the Brits as 'Englu's!

Nina Prasad said...

@ohan...i wudnt have publishd it if i cudnt make them read it!! lol i mailed it to them b4 i publishd it!!

@Arrow...........yea but the "gelf" thing hasn't caught up yet...zimble ;) enough isnt it??

@ NesQuarX.......angrez, firangs, or as malayalis like to call them Saaips(m) and madamas(f) are some f the few names tagged to the brits, like that isnt enough!!

NesQuarX said...

They aren't demeaning or ridiculous enough... 'Englu' is.