Friday, March 30, 2012

Berserk in Britannia

The multiple stab wounds I felt on my back thanks to Enid Blyton are healed. When I came to the UK with my heart set on the highlands, little did I realise that it'd take me over six months to see them. Dreams of chasing Dragons and diving head first into Shakespearean literature still remain distant dreams and the only company through literature I have is of J. Stiglitz, Fischer and the likes. Don't get me wrong, they are great company, but not the ones you'd want to call over for drinks or read with in the tub, they ain't no Shakespeare.

First off, 12 Chinese flatmates aren't exactly what you had in mind. Mind you, they are nice people, but not the greatest of conversationalist. The perks of staying with them are of course the food and the occasional herbal tea. But otherwise, the place is so quiet that I think I think too loud sometimes. Secondly, the course keeps your nose pinned to the papers, see how I haven't blogged in the last eight months? Thats right. Thirdly, Warwick beats any hobbies that you had out of your system. And makes sure you don't have the time to whine about it. You also end up with an eclectic group of yahoos who are nothing like you and still end up having a blast. So much so that when they leave on holidays and for some god forsaken reason you're still on campus, you know you're bound to go stark staring mad. These are some of the reasons why I love Warwick too. I do. And my alter ego wholeheartedly concurs at this point.

The pain of leaving everything thats familiar and dear to you, and hopping on a plane took a lot of effort and courage on my mothers part, since I got cold feet and threw a melodramatic fit all over the Airport. Yes, mom gave me one look that said "This is how life is, so suck it up and deal with it", so much for motherly love. Mum and my twin left as soon as I got into the airport, since it was already 1AM and the only comfort remained in the face of a best friend, who stood his ground until he saw my tear streaked face go past security check and out of his sight. And since I know better, until my flight took off.

Yeah I know, all that drama only so that could I turned up at home right in time for Christmas. Which of course, I did. But with two terms behind me now, I'm glad I went back home for as long as I did, for sanity's sake. I'm glad.

I being the only Non-Chinese (Indian to be specific) oddity in my flat, spend all my time outdoors. I'm glad I do that, because when snow came, snowman, snow angel, snow ball fight and nasty chunks of snow up the nasal cavity (all thanks to a virulent friend), I got it all. Running amok on campus in the wee hours of the morning with a neurotic friend who had just gotten back from a road trip made things even better.

Whats next? Scotland and Lake District. Same old neurotic friend, same old me but a different location to run amok in. Here is hoping to meet Nessie and an inevitable brawl at a Scottish pub. Black eye and missing tooth, here I come.

P.S. And If you ever visit Buckingham Palace, London, do not forget to squint, glower and then grimace at the royal guards. It is epic fun.

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Akhil Pai said...

hey, its been 5 months since this blog. whats happening?