Monday, September 7, 2009

Cheers to my 19th

This was perhaps the only month that kept me on my toes. Workload enough to choke a horse was heaped on me. With my Birthday looming dangerously over the horizon. I'm weird, yes...i hate B'days......I didn't ask to be wrinkled when I grew up. Looks like I'm heading off in that dreaded direction. Anyway, the Sociology department dropped the bomb, study tour to Ooty. I could have done a back flip, really. But heck, there was still the black prospect of getting past my B'day without killing myself. My best plan was to pretend that I didn't have a B'day and act as if nothing happened. Well my friends and my cousin ganged up on me and decided to make a whole lot of noise about it. Two days before the D-day Dr. Kalam came to college. I know it is inappropriate to say this about a former President who has over 25 honourary doctorate degrees but I think he is unbelievably cute.
The D-day arrived and I was in for the biggest surprise ever. My cake was baked specially for me by Sandhya, and it hurt me to realise that I'd yelled at her just hours before for telling me that she couldn't make it. I got everything that I could ever ask for and more. But what made me fall in love with my B'day all over again was the sudden dawn of realisation that so many people actually cared, cared enough to wish me on my B'day, if they couldn't get through once they called again. It made me feel special (I know what you are thinking...."duh, that's what B'days are for"). It was more special gift than I could ever ask for.
For once I enjoyed the spotlight being on me, for once I felt special and for the first time I'm feeling excited about my next B'day.


joseph said...

youre quite a blogger!
makes me wish if i could blog.

Vivek RdY WaNnA b FuT C.A said...

good work from u

Nina Prasad said...

Thank you