Saturday, October 31, 2009

Confrontations with the otherkind

Exams may come and exams may go but I go on forever, one wise friend modified the lines of Lord Tennyson. Thus passed by my exams. A blaze of worry, repeated accusations of being a nerd, missing notes, so on and so forth. All of us waited impatiently for the advent of our much awaited holidays, with most of us heading off in different directions. Since my cousin was to come with me to Kerala, 10 days of fun was guaranteed. I frantically made calls to my friends to make sure that they would be free to go out with me. Tough luck, all of them would be tied up with exams.

Exams or no exams I left three of my best friends with no choice. They'll have to meet me whether they like it or not. We (my cousin and I) had our hands read by palmist at around 7 in the night at the Marine Drive. That was so creepily accurate. I was very sceptical at first, (yeah yeah, smirk all you want) but not any more. I refuse to write the content of my palmist's predictions, intending to leave the reader curious at this point. Next day I reluctantly headed off towards the most visited part of my city, Fort Kochi. My reluctance to visit this place were quite well based since this place was where some of my most humiliating incidents took place ( bet you expected me to publish that, psych!!). We went into a place where Ian Wright previously visited, went shopping, crossed the cobble stoned Jew town to the synagogue and hopped on to a ferry taking me back home. Looking back to that beautiful day brings back a smile....when my cousin declared that we'd see the world together, haggled for the best bargain, oggled at the Chinese Fishing nets, walked down the aisle to my fictitious groom in India's oldest European Church. I fell in love with the place where I spent almost all of my life all over again.

I wanted my all knowing cousin to meet my two best friends, BIG BIG mistake. All of them made fun of my "awesome" and "happening" life. Bah humbug! Their lives are about as happening as dead flies and bits of fluff. But nevertheless, I'm glad they bonded, even if it were because they were laughing collectively at me and my bungling errors ( I am the Queen klutz, I open my mouth and I stick my feet into it.) My friend drove me around the city at dusk the next day. We went into the most interior part of the city. Parts which still retain and reflect the original character of Kochi. We drove towards the light house and then began the long drive back. Somehow in this city of mad hatters without anyone around me realising, they'd inadvertently set off the clockworks, the slow, very slow process of "re- maddening" began within me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Frenzied studying and wayward distractions

whenen you read this blog, you might pause to think that this is yet another agonising adolescent. Let me tell you something, I'm no more (gulp) an adolescent. My teenage years, though not so long ago were the most fun years of my short yet very eventful life. Heck, I was every teacher's nightmare in school, and have toned down to be a respectable nerd in the years since. I'm about as temperamental as a sleeping dragon about to be poked in the eye. Venting out pent up anger on unfortunate passersby is a very regrettable trait, that I have honed up to a level where it can be recognised as an art. I can make a person believe that whatever happened is entirely their fault even if whatever happened took place before they were born (Ok thats exaggeration, another trait of mine.) My frequent escapades into the parallel universe has left me with a glazed expression, and I distinctly don't see the point of laughing at my economics teacher's jokes ( I don't see how that was relevant but I had to write it down).
So, the exam timetables are out and I don't even have all the notes and whatever notes that I do have, I don't remember it being taken in class. All I can think of, is this book that I read lately, "The colour purple", an excellent read, I do not recommend it to the over emotional and the weak hearted. The sheer agony of what is written in that book can leave you drained for the next couple of weeks. While I read the book, my wiser and infinitely more admirable classmates got their notes and had it organised. When I got around to it, the syllabi and the quantity left me reeling. I ran helter skelter all around college, grabbed the nearest nerd ( yes, I did mention that I am a nerd, but these girls are the ones with the "nerdier than thou" expressions and the proof to back it up) and issued death threats until she gave me all her notes. "Gangway!! To the nearest xerox shop". To my utter dismay, there was Q of girls there, long enough to beat the great wall of China. After what seemed like a million years, I get all my notes. But who can study with so many distractions, don't tell my mum, she'll rip my heart right out. "Focus, focus." I have to keep telling myself that everyday. Everyone keeps calling me to tell me how much they've completed and I have not yet begun.

With the exams looming dangerously up ahead on the horizon, I can do nothing but cram. And when the bridge is reached , upset a bag of trash over the troll underneath and march confidently across it. Sigh. Some days you are the pigeon, some days the statue.