Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Home sweet home!

Being away from home is the most painful event so far!!! The city of Kochi calls out to me every time i hear or see anything vaguely related to Kerala. Yes to a large extent the city is blissfully unaffected (not ignorant, mind you) by whats going on abroad!! The smell of freshly fried pakodas, biryani, and masala dosas brings back vivid memories of Nandita and me after Iyer sir's class. Every time a friend calls I cannot help but let tears well up in my eyes (that is besides the shock about the fact that they actually called). I miss everything about the place....... riding the school bus, yelling at Anil and David, discussing fervently about EVERYTHING with Nima and laughing with Ramya and at Dipthy!! All that was school, and outside it was a city of wonders!! Unimaginably low prices, sunsets worth dying for, coffee at coffee beans are some among the million things that i miss!

And when I think of the coming monsoons, I feel like crying.....there is nothing like running out when it rains, or sipping hot coffee while sitting near the balcony when the wind is howling and the rain makes the coconut palms bend!! Wherever I go I can hear songs that remind me of the good and better times I've spent in Kochi. There is no place like home!! I burn with envy when friends talk of get together that I'll probably never can attend. Like, what Nimisha once said "Nina is a fool for having runaway to bangalore, leaving her friends behind!!" How painfully true. I took it for granted, never once realizing the fact that maybe, maybe i might not get to relive those days again.

The time we had our hands read was so scary, because the man could not have been more accurate!!! How skeptical I was when he offered to read mine and how much I regretted the fact that I refused! The day we spent rolling on the floor laughing at a perfectly good romantic movie thanks to dipthy's antics.....LOL!! I miss them so much!! The only two people who could make me laugh were David and Anil, I still refuse to admit it though (at least not to their faces!!) how I wish they were around. Those were the days. I dwell so much in the past that sometimes I freak myself out.

I love my life in Bangalore, but i love my life in Kochi a whole lot more. Even after living in Bangalore for nearly a year I cannot get over the fact that I'm no longer a Bhavanite but a Carmelite, I guess heart of hearts I'll always be a student of BVM(G).