Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The bullies of Bangalore!!

You read that right. I'm talking about Mount Carmel College, like I've said before this must be the bitchiest college in the planet. The nuns of this college somehow have taken an instant dislike towards me.................I don't understand why- I'm very likable (at least in front of them) they seem to see right through the facade. I seem to be getting into a lot of trouble- half of which I do not hold any responsibility for!!! They seem to be watching my moves very carefully and passing unwarranted snide remarks......makes one wonder out loud whether to speed up their path to reach god!! And here I was thinking happily that I'll be able to dodge them...................darn it!!!

I've landed myself several nicknames one of them being "malluma". My place of birth is not my fault (ascribed status dammit!!!). MCC is especially famous for keeping their students very very busy but somehow most of them manage to keep a very happy social life. And the biggest crime around is to ask someones opinion on a bestseller book. Reading for fun is a crime here "read only when desperate " that's the motto. OK I know I sound like a complete nerd but MCC makes anyone with even the slightest habit of reading look like a nerd. The worst days of the year are the days preceding the university examination.................... unexpected accusations regarding attendance and death threats from the teachers due to the lack of it. Most of the students wouldn't give two hoots about it had the teachers not said anything regarding the hall tickets, now that's a touchy subject....................they made me run crying all over the campus regarding attendance shortages which I never had in the first place (@#$%#$).
There is always something big going on in the campus they even have rock bands screeching their lungs out under the tamarind tree. The whole place would be decorated with streamers and you could see the student Union members running all over the place looking harassed and thoroughly disgruntled.
And many a times there are dress codes many of them beyond belief. Ah yes that's the best part of being in an all girl college you can turn up looking like a downright slob and nobody would bother if on "dress like a super hero day" you turn up wearing your underpants on the outside.
Then there are the awesome trips announcements that turn up on the notice board that I haven't as yet checked out since none of my classmates haven't volunteered to go for it. And mom would probably go in to an extreme state of paranoia if I asked her for permission (for heavens sake I'm in an all girl college) .