Sunday, November 11, 2007

That streak of madness

Well can you blame me for being born with a defective gene that makes me mad and sane at alternative intervals?? I love being mad, though those around me don't.

I give off an impression of being a snob(which fyi i am not). Friends say that at first the air of repulsion around me is pretty unbearable. Hell!! that aint no air of repulsion thats my huge ego!!

I got my wonderfully big ego quashed down by my best buddies and the guys in my school............I cant blame ........what do they know ....them the lesser mortals. I strut around like I own the place and i get the most humiliating comments from my guy friends.........thanks a lot boys!!!! You cant live with them or without them ???
Oh yea that strut of mine has earned me a lot of nicknames which I wouldnt want to mention here in case someone picks it up.
The best part of studying in a girls college is that you get keep up with the latest trends. Fashion begins and ends at Mount carmel girls college. I'm thinking that it must be one of the most bitchiest college in the planet!!!! The one other thing that i've noticed is that people here are a lot more judgemental than any other place i've been to. I had sworn to myself that I would'nt let these people get even a whiff of how nuts I exactly am...... but I'm not being able to contain myself any longer and my friends there have started noticing the weird things that I do. Actually when I stop to brood over this i realise that I have toned down a lot. With my mom and sis far away I have no one else to vent my anger at. If i did anything of that sort at my uncles' place my cousin would most probably shove a book down my throat. I'm not taking any risks I love my voice just as it is.

I love our little jaunts outside of college its like being back home, when I had alot more freedom...thats 'coz i knew the city and it was a lot smaller. The worst part was the day after my B'day when birthday bumps came showering fom all directions and here I was thinking happily that I was safe inside an all girls college..... You have no idea what girls get upto when left alone(heaven forbid). Girls college is fun but coed is a lot more fun......people I've noticed are a lot less judgemental. I wouldnt dare consider even for a moment that MCC is lenient, it is much worse than a school when it comes to adhering to college rules (whew!!). The best part of MCC is the afternoons that we get off....... we usually pig out at the nearby eateries until our pockets are considerably empty.